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Dettaglio cantinetta di design

Hug Me

The wine rack that wraps your wines!

Are you looking for a wine rack to display your wines? Hug Me is the wine rack for you!

This unique wine rack was created to contain bottles of wine of different shapes, including larger ones as Magnum (1.5), Jéroboham (3Lt), Réhoboham (5 LT), Methuselah (6Lt), up to Salmanazar (9LT).His shape and the dimensions allow you to arrange its parts as you like. You will have lots of possibility to positioning of the bottles and you can choose the best way fit it into the room.

With Hug Me you can choose to show the bottles’ label, for instance. bring out the bottles on both sides, only one or just the front. you can choose the configuration that's right for you, let yourself be guided by the imagination and express your mood!
Due to its size you can easily place it wherever you like, in the kitchen, dining room and even the living room, feel free to use it as you prefer.

The wines you love always with you!

This wine rack is made by traditional craftsmanship. Many hands and knowledges have worked together to make this wine rack unique and exclusive, just like your wines are.


Certificazione Made in Italy

La cantinetta di design Hug Me è realizzata giuntando a mano piallacci in essenze pregiate di legno che poi vengono accoppiate mediante pressatura ad un pannello in MDF (Medium Densità Fiberboard).

The cut of the various shapes is performed by Laser, this work makes the edges carbonised. This is an unique and exclusive effect, a peculiar feature of many of our creations.

100% Made in Italy

Certificazione Made in Italy

The shapes and sizes of Hug Me comes from the shapes and sizes of the bottles themselves. So the furniture and the bottle become a unique, impressive and exclusive element that characterizes the space in which it is placed.

The modern and appealing design combined with craftsmanship make this wine rack perfect for true wine lovers.

Choose the style of your wine rack

You can have Hug me with the door that opens to the left or to the right, do you want even more? Contact us!

Cantinetta Hug Me rovere/mogano

Cantinetta Hug Me zebrano/noce

Cantinetta Hug Me olmo/rovere

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