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Tabù scarpiera di design per scarpe con il tacco

Break the taboos with Tabù

The Made in Italy design heel rack

Are you an high heels shoes lover? The is the design furniture for you!

The heel rack Tabù has been specially created to host your high heels shoes. In fact, with the exclusive high heels support in Plexiglass © transparent of our conception, your shoes will seem suspended in nothingness, making them even more sensual and fascinating.

The cuts, made with the Laser, allow your shoes to be half-seen, giving to the heel rack uniqueness and charm, attracting the attention and curiosity of the observer.

Want to vibrate your mood in any room? Use our Rgb Kit, obviously made to perfectly feet Tabù!

Free your imagination!

Due to its harmonics and small size, you can place Tabù wherever you want: in the bedroom, in the living room, in the bathroom or even in the office! Be inspired and feel free to fantasise!


Certificazione Made in Italy

Taboo is made of poplar wood shavings oriented panels (OSB- oriented strand board) entirely produced and processed in Italy.

The panel we use is unique in the world. This material is embellished by the laser cutting technique used to create the triangular openings through which you can see the shoes.

Peculiar features of this process are the very high precision of cutting and burnings that results in material thickness.

100% Made in Italy

Certificazione Made in Italy

The painting is done by hand by expert craftsmen. Four coats of paint are needed: two white as base, a black to bring out the woodgrain and texture of the material, and a completely transparent one to protect and finish it. The edges are made of black ABS, they are isolated with adhesive tape before painting.

To obtain this particular finish over three hours of manual labor and 32 hours of drying in a humidity controlled environment are needed. Even the joints and hinges, as all our products, are Made in Italy.

choose your favourite style

Put your favourite high heels shoes wherever you want and make them even more attractive and exclusive! Want to make your space magic? Use our rgb kit!

Heel rack Tabù A

Heel rack Tabù B

Heel rack Big Tabù A

Heel rack Big Tabù B

Would you like to have an unique and exclusive shoe rack?