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Credenza di design Madama


A futuristic credenza for interior design

Designed to be unique, this credenza aim to break the current stylistic patterns to overcome the limitation of the form, leaving room for creativity.

It is designed to let you see its content, so it can merge with the environment and enhance it with charm and curiosity.

It can be finished in different types of timber species, all natural and unique. Every credenza we make is a unique piece, guardian of ancient Artisan knowledge.

Handed down knowledge from generation to generation

How could we think about creating a better future without having awareness of our past?
Ancient craftsmanship over time have been refined and improved in order to guarantee a high quality craftsmanship, discover them!


Certificazione Made in Italy

Madama is the result of a design that wants to be recognizable and powerful, with a futuristic and exclusive character.

It is our exclusive concept and in its creation that we have joined the best knowledge in order to obtain forms that are emblematic of the main technique used: the veneering.

The pieces that make it up are treated with the same philosophy used in veneering: join several timber species in order to create an articulated and complex design.

100% Made in Italy

Certificazione Made in Italy

Exclusive of our product is the laser cut of each part of the credenza.

This particular technique carbonise the wood when it is cut. Thanks to our knowledge we leave this carbonized edge visible. We then stabilise it and we make it waterproof, in order to guarantee an exclusive product with a unique and natural finish without the need of using any glue for the edges.

This finishing of our conception is particularly soft, warm and beautiful to the touch.

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Madama in radica di frassino e zebrano

Madama in olmo, noce e radica di frassino

Madama in rovere fiammato e zebrano

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