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Sedia di design che suona

Feel You

The designer chair that is deformed and plays based on how you move.

This chair has been presented to the public for the first time at Fuorisalone in Milan in 2011.

The multilayer of poplar allows to the chair to deform and adapt to the body of the person that sit on it. The special ergonomics gives a strong feeling of comfort.

When you get up it starts to vibrate and it still continues alone in the room for a few seconds, based on how much energy you used to get up.

If you get up quickly, nervously, the rods will collide with each other emitting a jingle. If you get up gently you see them vibrate as if by magic. By Using it you will be amazed to understand how many times our mood can change during the day.

La sedia che sente il tuo mood!

Feel You è l’unica sedia al mondo che vibra e suona anche solo sfiorandola!


Certificazione Made in Italy

Feel you it a chair with unique and exclusive features.

It is created to overcome the stereotype of seat to which we are accustomed, giving form to energy and motion, interacting with whoever sits on it, making poetic and original at the same time the space where you put it.

When you sit on it the silhouette is deformed, absorbing the energy and releasing it when you stand up, it always reacts in a different and new way.

100% Made in Italy

Certificazione Made in Italy

Feel you is realised in multilayered poplar, hand-shaped and varnished by hand.

A special painting process make the material very flexible. It allow the hair to deformed itself without losing its beauty and it shining in time.

every piece, individually processed and painted, is assembled without using glue.

monochrome VS multicolour

Are you monochrome design chair type of person or do you prefer it multicolour?

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