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A Knight at Your Service

The Paggi are design to be always present, to hold what you will decide to share with them and to accompany you in every moment of your home life.

You can dress them with the timber species you prefer to better reflect your tastes. They will be part of your home and personality.

The paggi are not just containers, they are presences that accompany you, keep you company and inspire you. They have a noble posture, and their presence give charm and exclusivity to your home.

Made with ancient techniques of the Italian Artisan Tradition

How could we plan to create a better future without knowing our past?
Over time, ancient hand-crafted techniques have been refined and improved in order to guarantee an high quality handmade product, check them out!


Certificazione Made in Italy

The Paggi are an expression of a design that not only aim to hand down ancient hand-crafted techniques but also want to be modern and exclusive, with a strong aesthetic appeal. They have a strong and clear character, they are made for people who want to stand out.

They are made by craftsmen who have passed on secrets and knowledge from generation to generation, they are created to withstand time and fashion, to be always on your side, always themselves and always different: dynamic.

100% Made in Italy

Certificazione Made in Italy

The creation of the Paggi is made with the ancient technique of veneering and with an avant-garde laser cutting technique.

By hand expert Artisans match selected timber species, that are veneered, with MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) panels. All the pieces that create the final furniture are obtained from each panel through a laser cut.

Every piece has this exclusive finishing touch, unique in the world: the stabilised carbon edge. A natural edging, in harmony with the beauty of wood because it is obtained with a natural element, fire.

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