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Craftyform is a trademark of Furniture 100% Made in Italy Certificate that aims to create designer furniture using traditional craftsmanship.

Is the brainchild of Matteo Astolfi, architect grew up in his father's joinery, who proposed his models to the best artisans of the area in which he operates and, finding favourable response, he managed to create a multidisciplinary group seeking to create high quality Made in Italy furniture.


Our mission is to pass on and safeguard antique craftsmanship by innovating them through the use of new, contemporary and design forms.

The design of our pieces comes from the need to be consistent with our feelings and traditions.

It is an expression of our desire to innovate, to react to the stillness of styles we have been accustomed to for a long time and which are no longer representative of many generations.


Our vision is a present where furniture is made of pieces that create a bridge between past and future. Where creativity is free to express itself through the ancient knowledge of the craftsmanship.

Every furniture inside the home is an expression of creativity and tradition, freedom and knowledge.

Contact us for any need, we will meet your needs by create for you an unique product that you can hand down from generation to generation.

Matteo Astolfi Craftyform
Team artigiani Craftyform